Mark Eats Sequencer

Mark Eats Sequencer

Mark Eats Sequencer is a MIDI step sequencer for monome grids with a focus on jamming and performing with loops as soon as you’ve made them.


  • 8 channels
  • Up to 16 patterns per channel
  • Set note length and velocity
  • Sequence MIDI CC modulation
  • Scale generator
  • Transpose
  • Play forward, reverse, random or slice
  • MLR-style looping and scrubbing
  • SP-1200-style swing
  • Tilt to MIDI
  • MIDI clock sync
  • Cut, copy and paste patterns
  • Easily create polyrhythms
  • Automation
  • Save and load song files
  • Supports all monomes
Mark Eats Sequencer screenshot


v1.0 Build 21 Beta (2018-01-15)

Free! Requires OSX 10.7+ and a monome grid with SerialOSC. Changelog