Mark Eats Sequencer

Mark Eats Sequencer

Mark Eats Sequencer is a MIDI step sequencer app for the monome with a focus on jamming and performing with loops as soon as you’ve made them.


Mark Eats Sequencer screenshot


v1.0 Build 21 Beta (2018-01-15)

Requires OSX 10.7+ and a monome grid with SerialOSC. Changelog

Donate to charity

Mark Eats Sequencer is charitywear

I give away this app so you can create awesome music. However, if you find yourself using it regularly then I ask you to donate to charity what it’s worth to you via the link above. Maybe it’s a few dollars worth of messing around or maybe it’s found a core place in your studio and is worth a lot more. Both are great contributions.

Donations are via the trusted third party JustGiving and go to Oxfam.